Advice for Non-residents

For all those who do not have their tax residence in Spain but made the decision to invest in here, PRIDECONSULTORES offers the following services:

  • Fiscal representation for non-resident customers. Processing the I.R.N.R. which is mandatory for all non-residents with properties in Spain. No-resident income tax
  • Conveyance / Legal due diligence in the process of buying a property in Spain:
    • Preliminary study of the legal status of the property
    • Contracts drafting (Spanish, English and German)
    • Public deed support
    • Tax payment
    • Management of the Property Registry procedures
    • Management of the procedures with supply companies
    • Non-residents law
  • Advice on setting up company in Spain:
    • Business structure
    • Financing
    • Grants
    • Permits and licenses
    • Non-residents tax
  • Heritage: individual advice on wills, documental management and taxes
  • Representation and assistance in all type of public organisms.
  • We manage the process for obtaining the NIE (Foreign Identity Number)