Business Management

We implement an effective management control system in response to the real needs of your company. We carry out the implementation gradually, level by level, so that the needed task force fits with the resources of your company at each point in the process.

We work with our own ERP fully developed by us, so that we can implement any development that needs your business with maximum speed and efficiency.

Management Control (I):

  • Through the management control system we get a detailed evolution of key performance indicators of your business
  • We can encode transactions to meet the analytical needs of the company and / or specific projects
  • Preparation of the agreed management control report
  • Sending monthly / quarterly / annual reporting depending on the analytical needs
  • Standardization of all reports sent to members
  • Set up together your scorecard to collect all relevant indicators of your business

Management Control (II):

Operating Budget.

  • Starting from the sales budget we jointly set up a complete operating budget for your company
  • Monthly / quarterly / annual budget update according to the operational needs
  • Analysis of deviations.

Liquidity Budget.

  • We prepare the liquidity budget together with the management team of your company
  • Along with the financial budget you will have a complete analysis tools that allows you to control your company
  • We prepare monthly / quarterly / annual budget updates according to operational needs
  • Deviation analysis and solution proposals